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Hosted by the Area 13 – Washington Area General Service Assembly (WAGSA)



9:00 am to 2:30 pm


The annual mini-conference provides our Area Delegate with the views of an informed Area group conscience, and also provides every A.A. member in Area 13 the opportunity to fulfill its responsibility to the future of A.A. by exercising its Right of Participation.

Attendance at and participation in the mini-conference is open and welcome to all Area 13 A.A. members. Please join us for another exciting day.

As in previous years, there will be great discussion topics involving:

  • Archives

  • Cooperation with the Professional Community

  • Finance 

  • Grapevine 

  • Literature

  • Policy/Admissions, and

  • Public Information

Here’s what your Area needs help with:

  1. PLEASE REGISTER for the 48th Annual Mini-Conference. The registration URL is Registration is available until the day of, April 3rd..

  2. We also need volunteers. Fantastic service opportunities are available for facilitators, recorders and presenters for each panel discussion or roundtable.

Area 13 A.A. members are also encouraged to read, review and provide feedback on this year’s General Service Conference Final Agenda Items. The material can be accessed at There are plenty to choose from.

DCM’s are encouraged to discuss items with their GSR’s. GSR’s are then encouraged to discuss the topics with their meetings and groups and share the links to the extensive background material. The deadline to receive feedback is April 10th.

A printable copy of the Proposed General Service Conference Committee Agenda Items can be found in English and Spanish at or

When done reading and reviewing the material, please register (P.S. it's free) at:


See the attached flyers and distribute them at all area meetings. Thank you!

For questions please email or visit

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